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What is PR and why your business needs it

As a Public Relations (PR )specialist, I often get puzzled looks when I introduce my profession. It seems by all account that PR is something every business has heard of,

Buyers Persona – Guess Whose Coming To Dinner

In this first of three blogs, we will look at what is a buyer persona and why you create them. In the second blog we’ll look at the differences between

Businesses should focus on customer appreciation NOT satisfaction

According to new studies, customer satisfaction is longer enough. Customers these days want to be delighted and appreciated for their efforts of buying your goods or services.   For most

Tips For A Successful Charity Telemarketing Campaign

When you hear or read the word "telemarketing", the last thing that you will do is to associate this with a charitable endeavour or project. However, since many charitable and

Why Qualifying is Crucial to Sales Success

If you have ever been in sales, or have some of knowledge about the targets that most teams have to meet on a yearly basis, then you can relate to the desperation that may sometimes cloud reason.  A salesman may want to believe that the more times they pitch to potential clients, the higher their chances of closing a sale.

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How to Tell a Lead from a Prospect

When you get into sales, you will need to differentiate the customers you interact with according to the stage you have reached in making a deal with them.  This is important because you will often be required to make reports, and it is important that the right terms are used to differentiate the sales numbers.

7 basic sales skills every salesperson have

If you haven’t mastered these simple sales skills, you won’t be able to sell at the highest level. Make sure you’ve checked them all off. Over the past eight or years, I’ve had in-depth conversations with hundreds of sales professionals and managers and asked them this simple quetion.

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Build a picture and get more sales

There’s one thing I know–if your customer can’t picture themselves with the product you’re selling, you won’t sell the product to that customer.But, how do you build a picture so that the customer can envision themselves using the product you’re selling?  There are several different ways to help them see the big picture. If possible, allow them to try the product, or to sample it.

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