Supporting GOLD (Organ Donation Awareness Charity)

ELC Associates is pledging its support to Gift of Life Donations (GOLD), a national UK charity whose mission is to raise awareness of organ donation amongst the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community.

Director Adetayo Idowu said: “Kidney failure is a massive issue within the BME community. With a combination of lifestyle, diet and culture being the main causes. This has led to a very high number of BME requiring kidney transplants. However, the number of organs donated by the BME is woefully low. (Only 21,000 of BME organ donors compared to 20 million of the general population.”

Our pro bono activities include:

  • Outdoor organ donor awareness and fundraising in partnership with Tesco’s supermarket
  • Development and launch of GOLD’s charity website
  • Creation of organ donor awareness marketing material.
  • Develop social media profiles and maintenance of social media marketing efforts (continuous).

If you want to support GOLD’s work or join the organ donor register head over to