How to create and promote user-generated content

The end goal of any good marketing strategy should be to generate awareness of your brand with your target audience and to make sure they know what your business or brand is doing. There are many ways to go about doing this, one way is to use user-generated content.

As user-generated

Facebook v Instagram which is better for your marketing pound?

So, you’ve got your business up and running or maybe you’re an existing business ready to start a new campaign to reach bigger audiences and increase your revenues. You may be asking yourself where will your marketing budget be best spent, Facebook or Instagram? Well not to worry we’re about

Top Five Social Media Management Tools for Charities & SMEs

Having a social media strategy is crucial for charity fundraising, building support, boosting volunteering and connecting to a wider audience. Charities can now connect with their communities through stories, posts, videos, forums using powerful platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

However as any charity or SME marketer knows, managing all these accounts

Benefits of PR for your business

As we discussed in our previous blogs, even though many businesses are aware that PR is important for their business, the actual benefits are not fully understood or appreciated. So in this blog we’ll explain in detail some of the many benefits of including PR in your marketing strategy.

Like most

What is PR and why your business needs it

As a Public Relations (PR )specialist, I often get puzzled looks when I introduce my profession. It seems by all account that PR is something every business has heard of, seen it in action and yet aren’t able to quite put their finger on what one of the most powerful

Five tips for getting supporters for your cause

These days, it’s pretty common to be solicited for support for a cause through email, social media ads, phone calls, direct mail and good old fashion stopping people in the streets. In fact, people are so inundated with messages trying to encourage them to give or support a cause that

Buyers Persona – Guess Whose Coming To Dinner

In this first of three blogs, we will look at what is a buyer persona and why you create them. In the second blog we’ll look at the differences between B2B and B2C buyers’ personas and in the third blog we’ll look at how to create a B2B or a

Non-Profit Facebook Marketing Strategies

For charities, non-profit Facebook marketing strategies can be a life saver in getting more recognition, more supporters and more donations. It’s a huge platform, with over one billion users from all over the world. Developing a Facebook marketing strategy for non-profits takes both time and a lot of effort.

However, when