Five tips for getting supporters for your cause

These days, it’s pretty common to be solicited for support for a cause through email, social media ads, phone calls, direct mail and good old fashion stopping people in the streets. In fact, people are so inundated with messages trying to encourage them to give or support a cause that

Buyers Persona – Guess Whose Coming To Dinner

In this first of three blogs, we will look at what is a buyer persona and why you create them. In the second blog we’ll look at the differences between B2B and B2C buyers’ personas and in the third blog we’ll look at how to create a B2B or a

Non-Profit Facebook Marketing Strategies

For charities, non-profit Facebook marketing strategies can be a life saver in getting more recognition, more supporters and more donations. It’s a huge platform, with over one billion users from all over the world. Developing a Facebook marketing strategy for non-profits takes both time and a lot of effort.

However, when

Businesses should focus on customer appreciation NOT satisfaction

According to new studies, customer satisfaction is longer enough. Customers these days want to be delighted and appreciated for their efforts of buying your goods or services.


For most businesses, delivering standard customer satisfaction is the way to maintain loyalty. However, the market has changed, and a new measurement of customer

Tips For A Successful Charity Telemarketing Campaign

When you hear or read the word “telemarketing”, the last thing that you will do is to associate this with a charitable endeavour or project. However, since many charitable and non-profit organisations are having a hard time raising funds for their worthwhile projects intended to help the poor or needy,

Record year of fundraising for charity lotteries

Are you one of the many millions that play the various charity lotteries every year. Then you should pat yourself on the back for the hundreds of millions of pounds that you’ve helped raise for a good cause.

According to the Gambling Commission over £296 million was raised for good causes

Characteristics of a good charity website design

It’s a fact that charities are in greater competition with each other for an ever dwindling pot of donations, supporters and volunteers so therefore a good charity website design is imperative for its continued success. Your website is the first port of call and therefore has to do a lot

5 Common Charity Crowdfunding Mistakes

Crowdfunding, which generally involves collecting a small amount of money from a large pool of willing donors has been around a while now. It’s pretty popular with charities looking to raise funds for a specific project or campaign.

However at ELC Associates, we see non profits making the same basic mistakes