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Marketing For Growth – Bespoke Consultation

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ELC believe that an organisation can only really achieve a realistic growth when it combines marketing tactics with a sound business strategy. This means it needs to combine a long term view of how it wants the business to grow and prosper with creative agile marketing tactics.

Our bespoke marketing for grow business strategy involves:

  • Working with you to understand your overall business/organisational objectives and understanding how the business and marketing strategies can support the delivery of these aims.
  • Developing and creating persona(s) of your target markets.
  • Analysing the external and internal factors that could impact on your marketing.
  • Analysis of your current product / service offer, value proposition, product or service performance and customer lifecycle.
  • Creating the most effective marketing channels for your business and helping develop the best techniques and analytics to measure their effectiveness.

The bespoke marketing for growth session consists of a face to face meeting, skype or telephone call (for as long as required) from which a written business strategy and marketing plan will be produced.

Plans start from £250 (current time limited 25% discount). For more information contact us tel: 0208090 2233 / 0974 9529 231 or via our online form.


Product Description

The bespoke ‘Marketing For Growth’ strategy is based on the AQUICK marketing and sales system. The AQUICK system is a combination of the sales funnel concept, content marketing and landing pages.

The business strategy and marketing plan that is produced will focus on:

A – How to create Awareness of your product/brand and Acquire leads into the top of your funnel (lead generation)

QU – How to QUalify those leads/buyers using landing pages so that your offer is only shown to those most likely to buy

I – How to use content marketing, fire starter offers etc to maintain Interest, nuture and engage the leads until they are ready to buy

C – How to use content marketing, landing pages and Conversion techniques to turn fans, followers, email subscribers etc in paying customers

K – How to create a customer retention plan and Keep customers coming back to buy.

Additionally the final strategy report will include a Social Media Marketing Plan and One Year Marketing Plan covering  the topics below:

  • Marketing Objectives – One Year
  • Target Market Attributes
  • Persona(s) Development
  • Market Differentiation
  • Brand Messages
  • Value Propositition
  • Lead Generation Techniques


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