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7 Revenue Increasing PR Trends Every Charity Should Know

We all know of Comic Relief, BBC Telethon, London marathon and other big block buster charity fundraising events. These raise millions for worthy causes around the world. However for the

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Charity’s Message Not Resonating?

Creative story telling and engaging communication are what charities need to do if they want to effective in their fundraising message. They need to create messages that ignite that spark in a potential supporter that will lead them to taken action on behalf of your cause.  Tom Latchford from RAISING IT boiled down the supporters journey and explains how an understanding of the charity’s message is crucial for getting support.

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10 effective charity websites

By Caryn Stein We share some examples of nonprofits who are getting it right and really converting visitors to donors. These are great non-profit examples because they focus on getting their message across quickly and clearly, while offering clear paths for donations and further engagement.

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Excellent Guide to Writing Engaging Charity Reports

For most not for profit organisations, the most significant communication and marketing document is their annual report. A well written annual report will convey organizational history and achievements during the period of review and, of course, compulsory financial reporting.

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