Learn the latest Digital Marketing and PR techniques and tactics to generate more leads and sales online. It’s true you can learn anything online for free. However for better results there’s nothing better than learning with your peers in front of a tutor who can give instant feedback on your efforts.

Training is one of our passions .This means we invest a lot of time and effort in creating intuitive and easy to use training manuals, choosing sector expert tutors, testing and analysing which teaching methods and resources work best so that we can deliver the best learning experience to you every time. See some of our current workshops below.


Digital PR Workshop For Charities – (Intro)

Want to attract and retain more supporters and donors using PR and content marketing? Our charity comms training in PR and Content Marketing t will teach you how to create content that gets real results.

Course Description
At the end of this half day intro course delegates will be able to plan and implement their own content marketing strategy based on the PESO model. They will also learn how create an electronic press kit that gets the attention of the media. At the end of the workshop delegates will be able to use the PR/Content Marketing strategies to drive engagement, support and awareness for their cause using the latest social media platforms.
Click here for full details.

Charity Digital PR Strategy and Content Marketing (Advance)

Want to attract and convert more visitors into supporters and donors using PR and content marketing? Our Charity PR Strategy and Content Marketing (Advanced Training ) will teach you how to create create compelling messaging, value propositions and content that gets results fast.

What will you learn?
At the end of this workshop you will be able develop your own charity PR strategy to organise your charity’s campaigns and activities that includes all aspects of PR and content marketing. The course will delve deeper into how PESO and content marketing can be used at all levels of your supporter’s journey from awareness to conversion to donor or volunteer etc. Click here for full course details.

Generating Sales and Profits through Content Marketing

Content marketing and sales are two of the most important strategies for success—but many businesses think of them as inherently distinct activities. Content marketing is all about publishing content to attract more traffic, while sales is about landing more deals.
However if you want to see increased sales your must interweave these two activities together. This means your content should lead to have some kind of ‘pre-sales lead-in’ or ‘call to action’.  Click here for full course details.

Getting local news coverage for your business

For small businesses, local newspapers are a more realistic proposition for press coverage than the national press. Readers of local papers want to read about local news, stories and events so if you can help a journalist deliver this, then you are well on the way to getting valuable press coverage for your business.

Also depending on the size of your media outlet, local news can reach thousands or millions of people. You never know who’s watching that might find value in your business offering. As well, if the story is shared a lot on social media or if it goes “viral,” it has the potential of getting picked up by a national outlet. Click here for full course details.

FREE One hour PR Consultation 

Like most businesses lead generation and sales will always be top of mind. A well-crafted PR campaign and placement of your product or services in the appropriate media can lead to an initial influx of leads. This is usually followed by a steady trickle of prospects as businesses come across your PR efforts via social media and SEO, making PR a very cost effective lead generation tool.

During the FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION, we’ll start of by listen to your marketing challenges, after which we’ll demystify what’s involved in getting attention grabbing PR. We’ll then look at the various ways you can get media attention based upon your resources and finally well give a breakdown of the costs if you choose to use us, or give you some guidance of how to achieve your PR goals if you wish to do it yourself.

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