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Marketing For Growth – Free Session

£59.00 Free!

We believe a marketing plan WITHOUT a strategic plan is doomed to fail.

ELC Associates will provide you with a tried and test five step plan (based on the AQUICK marketing system) that will turn leads into loyal supporters or customers.

We will provide you with the strategy, accountability and expertise your charity or business needsfor growth.

Product Description

Prior to our call, you will provide us with information of your current strategy for acquiring, nurturing, converting and retaining your supporters, volunteers or customers.

At the end of the discussion we will provide you with an overall strategy based upon your target market, business objectives ( (eg grow supporters or customers by X amount in six months), financial, human, skillset and other factors that need to be taken into account.

We’ll help you outline general strategies, tactics etc that could grow your charity or business.

The next stage would be to sign up for our more indepth ‘MARKETING FOR GROWTH – BESPOKE CONSULTATION’ where you will receive a written business strategy report, one year marketing plan and one year social media marketing plan for one low price. Click here for see details.

For more information call us on 0208 090 22233 / 0794 9529 231 or via the online form.




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