As we discussed in our previous blogs, even though many businesses are aware that PR is important for their business, the actual benefits are not fully understood or appreciated. So in this blog we’ll explain in detail some of the many benefits of including PR in your marketing strategy.

Like most businesses lead generation and sales will always be top of mind. A well-crafted PR campaign and placement of your product or services in the appropriate media can lead to an initial influx of leads. This is usually followed by a steady trickle of prospects as businesses come across your PR efforts via social media and SEO, making PR a very cost effective lead generation tool.

Good media outreach is not only about promoting your business but also about creating strong brand awareness of your organisation. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you will have many competitors vying for the attention of your current and potential customers. A well thought out and executed PR campaign can give your business that competitive edge drawing the attention of your target audience to you instead of your challengers.

PR can be a targeted approach to getting your brands message in front of a clearly defined target audience ie those people most likely to be interested in your business offer. This is because the very essence of PR is to relate to the public and cultivate a strong image with your target market.

“PR can help grow your business by getting you featured in the press, on radio or TV to in front of the engaged audience of a popular blogger or social influencer.”

If your market are life style coaches, your PR consultant can reach out to magazines and other media outlets that your target audience are likely to frequent in order create awareness of your brand there. No matter the sector, your PR team can connect you with the right journalist; blogger; influencer or media outlets that could help you reach a new or wider market.

Want to be featured in your local newspaper or magazine, or be interviewed on a popular radio station or podcast? Then you need to cultivate relationships with people in these media outlets. Through your own or your consultant’s PR efforts you can build connections with popular journalists, bloggers etc. who can help spread the word about your business to their large and engaged audiences, helping to bring attention and potential sales to your business.

Lastly executing a PR campaign can be free if you’re prepared to put in the effort yourself unlike other forms of paid advertising. More importantly it’s a third party endorsement of your business, making PR one of the most cost effective and versatile business development tools available to small businesses. Even if you do use a PR company, research has shown that it has one of the highest ROI of any marketing technique.

So, if PR is not currently part of your marketing strategy it may be high time to consider creating and implement a public relations campaign as part your existing marketing plan now that you’re well aware of its immense benefits.

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