No matter what time of year it is as a marketer or business owner, you’ll always be focusing on developing sales and marketing campaign ideas. Most probably you’ll be searching for ideas that will engage new and existing customers, make a lasting impression for all the right reasons and of course boost your sales.

When it comes to the end of the year, most consumers get a surge of generosity and are willing to splash the cash. Of course, this is a great time for businesses to cash in. To really make the most of this time of year, sales campaigns should be a big focus. If you’re ready to boost your end of year sales, sit tight we’ve got 5 sale campaign ideas that will help you finish the year the right way.

Celebrate the Holidays

The last few months of the year are full of holidays from Halloween, to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and let’s not forget the gold mine also known as Christmas. Don’t worry we understand it probably isn’t practical for your business to celebrate all the holidays. But it definitely makes sense to celebrate the ones relevant to your brand and the big ones can’t really be missed. You can offer discount codes, release limited edition products concerning the holidays or even create promo videos that embrace the holiday spirit.

Reward Loyalty

Get into the festive spirit and reward your customers for their loyalty to your business. This can be done with something as simple as an email with a discount code based on your most loyal customers’ spending habits. Or you could provide discount codes which increase the more a customer is willing to spend. You can even reward new customers by giving away a free gift if they spend a certain amount.

Think Outside the Box

As you may have noticed a lot of sales campaigns now take place online but it’s still possible to go back to the basics and ditch the screens. The key is to be creative and do something that makes people take notice. You could try a pop-up shop in an unusual place or place creative posters that force people to stop and take notice in public places. This type of sales campaign allows you to break the rules, be bold and really engage your target audience.

 Engage with your Customers in New Ways

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, all it takes is a few taps and people can buy whatever they desire. It can be pretty hard to get customers inside actual stores, especially at the end of the year when people tend to be busy. But not to fear there are ways to entice your customers into your store. Why not put on an exciting event with special promotions that are only available in-store? If you are purely an online retailer you can always host competitions to get customers engaging and hopefully spending more.

 Influencer Marketing

Social media is the perfect place to utilise great sales campaign ideas, as there are an estimated 3.484 billion active users worldwide! In the UK there are 45 million social media users, so it’s a no brainer to utilize it for sales campaigns. A fairly easy way to do this is to collaborate with popular influencers concerning your niche. The influencers can create engaging content that will reach your target audience. And to get an extra boost to your sales the influencers can offer specialised discount codes.

To wrap it all up, the end of the year is a great time to get creative with your sales campaigns and see a boost in your sales. We’ve given you our top 5 sales campaign ideas. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get building the campaign ideas that will have you laughing all the way to the bank!