Project Description


Toulou Organics (Web Design, Marketing, PR)


We harness powerful blends of cruelty-free, plant-based and laboratory-synthesised ingredients to address the underlying factors of skin conditions.


Web Design, Social Media Marketing & PR

Tolou Organics

Approach and Results

Our task encompassed crafting a new E-commerce platform, developing promotional materials for an exhibition, and formulating comprehensive online and offline marketing strategies.

For web development, we analyzed competitor sites and opted for a visually appealing, streamlined design with simplified navigation for swift purchasing. Social media tactics focused on increasing brand visibility and engagement, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, through goal setting, audience identification, content strategy, and performance analysis.

Following the rebrand, Toulou Organics garnered favourable reviews in national and trade publications, witnessed heightened web traffic and unique user numbers, and experienced growth in online followers.