Project Description


Portia Partnership Savings Plan


Portia’s Partnership Savings Club, a UK-based first commercial Partner (Paadna) firm, is dedicated to assisting low-income individuals and families in developing smart savings plans.


Web Design, Marketing

Portia Partnership

Portia’s Partnership Savings Club (PPSC), a UK-based commercial Partner (Paadna) firm, aids low-income individuals with smart savings plans. Boasting over 500 members, PPSC exemplifies Portia’s “Paadna Method.”

We were tasked with rebranding, creating a user-friendly website, and devising a social media strategy. The visual identity emphasizes warmth and savings focus, while the website prioritizes simplicity.

Email campaigns via Mailchimp targeted specific customer segments, boosting sales. Social media efforts increased brand awareness and engagement, elevating PPSC’s visibility and outreach.