Project Description


Snugtoes Heated Slippers


SnugToes makes luxurious, easy-to-wear, heatable, indoor slippers that are comfortable and (snug) on the feet for a range of people and health conditions.


Marketing & PR

Project Details

We were tasked with devising and implementing a marketing and PR campaign to increase awareness and sales of the slippers.

Our Approach
We connected with charities, consumers, influencers etc by following and messaging them directly. We engaged with them by sharing their tweets, commenting and message directly to promote Snugtoes services. This helped to generate more qualified customers over the period of the campaign.

ELC Associates also worked with Snugtoes on managing their paid (PPC) and organic search, analytics and reporting on all platforms across the brand.

We also used influencer marketing to reach out to well known bloggers and partnered in various online competitions.

ELC Associates conducted extensive PR and media relations with influential journalists, bloggers, newspapers, radio presenters, TV producers around the issues of foot health, energy savings, healthy eating etc.


Over 200 adverts were shared with over 50 groups on Facebooks over a 3 months period resulting in an organic reach of 2 million group members.

Snugtoes received widespread TV, radio and newspaper coverage included a 30 minute slot on BEN, a Sky TV channel with an audience of over 1 million viewers.

We organised radio and Facebook Live interviews resulting in increased web traffic. Press coverage equated to nearly £100,000, with articles in the consumer, trade, national, not for profit and local press.

We estimate that our online and offline activities achieved a combined online and offline reach of more 1.2 million. There was a 50 per cent increase in Twitter followers and a 400% increase in Facebook likes.