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Amani Training


We offer high-quality apprenticeship training, ensuring comprehensive skill development and career advancement opportunities for individuals seeking professional growth and success


Web Design, Marketing & PR

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About Amani Training

Amani Training, a premier South London provider, offers apprenticeships and tailored staff training to enhance employees’ skills, job prospects, motivation, and business competitiveness through sustainable skill development


Tasked with boosting Amani’s market share in apprenticeships and NVQ training, we tackled the competitive work-based learning sector. To reach 16-20-year-olds, our strategy integrated direct, social media, and email marketing.

Directly, we circulated 10,000 leaflets across Croydon and South East London, and initiated a telemarketing campaign among local employees to drive apprenticeship uptake.

On social media, we implemented a content marketing plan, utilizing blogs and sharing relevant content on Facebook groups. Additionally, we enhanced Amani’s presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, engaging with pertinent groups and conducting a targeted PPC campaign on Facebook to reach the desired demographic.


The telemarketing campaign yielded excellent results, securing appointments with 100+ care homes, nurseries, and businesses. Additionally, our email newsletters engaged 300+ training managers, and the PPC campaign generated 400+ website inquiries, resulting in 50+ apprentice placements.