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Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group


Now known as NHS South East London Integrated Care Board (including the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark


Marketing & PR. Print

September  2013

Project Details

About Greenwich Stop Smoking Service

The Stop Smoking Service, under NHS Greenwich’s GHLiS, offers lifestyle services and training by health professionals. These services include behaviour change support for smoking cessation, promoting physical activity, healthy eating, weight management, chronic condition care, and mental health improvement.



The Greenwich Stop Smoking Campaign aimed to increase awareness and utilization among local BME residents and hard-to-reach communities in economically deprived areas. We distributed marketing materials strategically and collaborated with community groups, ethnic organizations, faith groups, and housing associations for broad outreach. ELC Associates led a sponsorship marketing initiative, organizing a ‘Stop Smoking Poster’ competition to enhance brand visibility.

Our focus included securing broadcast, press, and online coverage through regular press releases highlighting smoking’s health implications. Influencer marketing targeted ethnic minority charities and faith leaders, while community advocates distributed leaflets at local gatherings, enhancing grassroots involvement.


We garnered extensive press coverage, including the main local newspaper, News Shopper, housing association newsletters, and Meridian radio interviews, reaching thousands of residents. Brand awareness was bolstered through the distribution of 20,000+ leaflets and posters at festivals, community events, and shopping centers.

Post-campaign analysis revealed a significant rise in residents accessing the service, particularly among male manual workers, members of BAME groups, and pregnant women in priority areas.