Project Description


Gift of Living Donation


ELC Asssociates


PR, Digital Marketing, Media Outreach


May 2019

Project Details

About Gift of Living Donation (GOLD)
Gift of Living Donation is an organisation working to promote and create awareness of living kidney donation and organ donation in general.. GOLD works closely with the African Caribbean Community where there is a greater need for more donors. It was founded up by Dela Idowu, her interest began in 2010 when she came forward as a potential living kidney donor for her brother who had kidney failure and needed a transplant. She decided to combine her experience as a potential living kidney donor with her background in charity work to raise awareness of living kidney donation.

Our Approach:
We were commissioned by GOLD to create awareness of their forthcoming event ‘Because of You’ which aimed to honour UKs Black Living Donors at a sumptuous luncheon ceremony in the heart of London. The event would be attended by the local Mayoress of Camden, local dignitaries and celebrities.

PR and Media Outreach:
Press releases and articles on issues such as organ donations, transplants and how it affects the Afro-Caribbean community were sent to local and regional newspapers and magazines throughout the UK.
Additionally conducted an influencer marketing campaign targeting Afro-Caribbean and mainstream social influencers that were talking about social issues, community, health, organ donation, transplant etc.


We achieved press coverage in seven regional newspapers across the UK, from Southampton up to Newcastle. The weekly circulation of these newspapers totalled over 120,000. The Voice Newspaper, the most influential Black newspaper in the UK ran a total of four full pages on the campaign with a front page coverage post-campaign.

We achieved radio interviews on three well-known and supported radio stations, Premier Radio, Gateway Radio and Venture FM. Additionally, Revelation TV conducted a forty-minute interview with founder Dela Idowu. website page views were up 29% over the course of the campaign.