Ads are the best ever strategy for any business marketing. It is through adverts that we learn of new and trending things and where business owners get to open up to the world. Think of a world without advert, how would it be?Completely strenuous! Some time back, our technology could not really support online advertising and businesses faced huge difficulties even though newspapers and brochures were in existence.
Thanks to Facebook and other social Medias such as Instagram, advertising has revolutionized. It’s extremely fast, effective and efficient. The Facebook business ads have been a common tool towards driving business sales up. Today, the Facebook local awareness ads have made this even better.

“Facebook local awareness ads are Facebook ads that reach people near your business. These ads will help you to promote your business to people who are nearby.”

Now you can tailor your ads to only show in the area around your business. This is way, you can easily target people who are around you or whenever they come close to your business premises or store; even as small as a radius of one mile.



“Think of this type of ad as a new objective introduced by Facebook in order to help brick and mortar businesses to literally increase awareness of their Facebook ads targeted to a local audience.”

Unlike the Facebook business ads, with the local awareness Ad formats, one can find and connect with his/her local audience and help them understand the value his/her business offers. Moreover you can avail even more local context for them. For instance, proximity to your business, thanks to its two effective features; call to action button and map card.

The call to action button greatly helps to drive offline sales as potential customers can choose from call now, get directions, learn more and send message buttons. The map card on the other hand assists in sharing more locally relevant details about your business; like your business location, hours of operation, and distance to business and direction link. What more would you ask for? This is incredibly effective!

Business advertisers can add the ‘call now’ button during the ad creation process, and when mobile users tap the button, their phone initiates a call to the business right from the newfeed of their Facebook account.



The Facebook local awareness ads will significantly help in driving your sales up since you will be able to target your audience easily and also encourage potential customers to shop at your stores. You also get to improve on your brand perception to customers. In addition, they help in communicating important information about your business; for instance, the opening of new stores and branches. Local awareness ads create an affordable reach to large number of people for small businesses and are also very easy to use making it quite efficient.

However local ads have the limited segmentation property where apart from location, the only other demographic options are gender and age which are quite irrelevant for businesses in a niche market. This can however be improved with time. The best thing is that small businesses can now grow their sales thanks to the Facebook local awareness ads. Try it today!

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