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Teens For Donor Awareness (Web Design, Content Marketing, PR)


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Web Design, Content Marketing & PR


Project Details

About TFDA
TFDA is a community project devised by Gift of Living Donation. It aims to increase awareness of organ donation amongst the young people of Brent (an area of London) and beyond through a series of creative school based competitions. Its first collaboration, a poster competition was with the Arts department of Capital City Academy, Brent Public Health and Transport For London.

Our Approach

ELC Associates developed a content marketing and PR strategy which placed the issue of organ donation and how it relates to teenagers at the forefront of local community discussions through interactions with key local journalists, bloggers, faith organisations and extensive local coverage.

Additionally our continuous contact with our extensive list of local journalists ensured that GOLD was the first port of call for expert commentary of matters related to organ or living donations within the BME community.

We also staged photo opportunity events which the local press and broadcast media were invited to attend. Examples of these was our ‘Choose Your Favourite Poster’ event, where members of the public were asked to decide their favourite poster. This was conducted in partnership with Tescos..

ELC Associates as well,  managed the very successful Award ceremony for competition participants, friends, families and local dignitaries.

Local Community Awareness:
Our first task was to increase awareness of organ donation at the community level. This we accomplished  by designing and distributing  leaflets and poster on organ donation throughout out the borough. We also involved local community organisations, influential BME groups, faith groups in the dissemination of publicity materials amongst their service users.

Sponsorship Marketing and Brand Awareness
ELC Associates ceatedj, implemented and managed a sponsorship marketing campaign on behalf of Brent Public Health Service. The campaign consisted of children from years 7 to 9 participating in a poster competition around the theme of organ donation. This proved to be an effective way of creating awareness of organ donation amongst a demographic new to the issue and their parents and friends.

Media Relations and Influencer Marketing:
Press releases on issues such as organ donation, the benefits of living donations, etc, were sent at regular basis to local journalists, BME media and influential bloggers. A series of interviews on radio stations popular with the BME community were also conducted.

Additionally we targeted influential BME charities, faith leaders, established community organisations and individuals and partnered with them to help increase awareness of the poster competition and the general awareness message.

We also recruited a number of community advocates and provided them leaflets and other promotional content that they distributed at high footfall outlets such as shopping centres, churches, libraries and local temples.


We achieved widespread press coverage for the competition and organ donor awareness in general. Most notable were coverate in the Kilburn Times and Voice newspaper, the most widely read BME newspaper in the UK. We also achieved broadcast coverage on the three most popular local BME radio stations as well as very impressive number of fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Post campaign analysis showed there was an increase in the numbers of BME residents that were aware of the issues surrounding organ donation need for more BME donors. A significant proportion of these indicated they would consider being on the donor register if they received further information.