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Hiring Staff? Follow this 10 step process

Hiring is a tough business.  It takes patience, proper screening and careful analysis.  With so many talented people out of work right now, it’s going to take some time to find the one who really fits the bill.  However when you hire the wrong person it will be a great drain on your resources to either keep or fire them.  

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Customer Service For Marketing

No matter the size of your business, excellent customer service should be at the heart of your business model if you wish to be successful. It is important to provide good customer service to all types of customers, including potential, new and existing customers.

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7 Essential Leadership Skills

Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Count Basie, Maggie Thatcher etc. What do all these people have in common?  They were some of the greatest leaders the world ever had. So, what qualities did they possess that mere mortals didn’t?

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Mission Statement – Does Your Company Have One?

A mission statement is a company’s articulation to its customers, employees and the entire world of the purpose of its existence. Obviously, businesses exist to make money, maximize profits and shareholder value, but the mission statement is more about the front line than the bottom line.

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