Lead Generation

Do you want more customers and sales? Do you know that finding new leads and customers can be very costly and could require resources and skills your business may not possess? ELC Associates can you generate new leads, customer s and sales. We do this by targeted tele, email, content or search marketing campaigns. The chosen strategy is dependent naturally, on your target market and budget. All campaigns start with an assessment of your ‘buyers persona.’ We will then work to identify your lead qualification criteria. We use the BANT system for qualifying leads ie budget, authority, need and timescales in all our lead generation campaigns. See our Lead generation, sales and marketing case studies.

Sales Promotion Campaigns

Sales Promotion Campaign
A sales campaign objective is to speak to your target audience in order to entice them into purchase your product or service. ELC Associates has a unique five step ‘OIBME’ strategy for helping business produce their most effective sales promotion campaign.
O – We’ll help ensure that the objective(s) of your sales campaign are clear. Eg is it to increase sales, attract a new audience, expand into a new geographical area?
I – Identify your ideal customer by helping you create a ‘buyers persona’ to help bring your customer to life. We will also help produce key marketing messages that will excite and inspire your market, and prompt them to purchase.
B – We will help set the budget based upon the campaign and your resources. This is done using the ‘cost-plus’ calculation model
M – You’ve identified you audience, so we’ll help choose the best media to convey your message to them. This could be advertorials in key publications, PR, SMS advertising, paid search or social ads.
E – Once objectives have been set, ELC will help work out how your campaign is best evaluated. We’ll then put the appropriate metrics in place to make evaluation easier and accurate.

Need help in creating a sales promotion campaign for your business? Click here to tell us the details.

Marketing and PR Campaigns

ELC Associates can help devise, implement and manage creative marketing, promotional and PR campaigns across social media, digital and print platforms designed to achieve your charity or businesses objectives. This will include managing various aspects of your external communications, including introducing your organisation to new audiences or markets, organising events that create a more engaged ‘supporter’ or ‘business’ network and developing strategies to increase donations or awareness or to drive more leads and sales. Need help in creating a marketing or PR campaign for your business or charity? Click here to tell us the details.
Need help in creating a marketing or PR campaign for your business? Click here to tell us about your needs.

Press Releases and Media Relations

Whether you’re a charity or small business getting the attention of journalists requires a little strategic thought, planning and understanding. ELC has built strong relationships with journalists, bloggers and social influencers from various sectors, this means we use our extensive contact list and eye for a good story to get you coverage about your product, services, charity campaign or event. See our PR case studies.