Project Description


Portia Partnership Savings Plan


ELC Asssociates


Web Design, Marketing


August 2016

Project Details

About Portias Partnership Savings Club

Portia’s Partnership Savings Club, a UK-based first commercial Partner (Paadna) firm, dedicated to assisting low-income individuals and families in developing smart savings plans.     PPSC has grown to more than 500 members who are all experiencing firsthand the expertise and practical advice Portia has built into her savings plans, or what she has since dubbed the “Paadna Method.”.


We were commissioned to design a new visual identity, house style and website for the business and to put together a social media strategy to drive online engagement, brand awareness and sales.

Visual Identity:~
It was important that the new visual identity was able to reflect the savings aspect of the business, and also the warmth, empathy and the holistic approach the owner has to the business and her clients.  It also had to be vibrant and immediately obvious what the nature of the business was by the graphic alone.

Web Development:
We researched and collaborated with the business owner and what emerged strongly was that her clients and customers wanted a bright and vibrant website, that had the opposite look and feel to a bank or other competitive savings website, which had more a corporate look and feel.  The site also had to be clear, simple and easy navigable as it was to be used by a wide range of customers who differed greatly in their skills of computers.

Email Marketing:
We designed and implemented an email marketing campaign using Mailchimp software so that we could better drive sales to make specific offers, to the different segments of customers. E mail has the power to speak instantly and directly to customers and is vital part of any online marketing strategy.  We were able to better the success of each campaign by the amount of sales each offer created.

Social Media Strategy:
A social media marketing strategy was designed to increase brand awareness, engagement and fans on a variety of social platforms in particular Facebook and Twitter.  The activities involved included * conducting keyword research, on page and off page SEO * content marketing strategy * searching for guest blogging opportunities * creation of blog posts * creation of sales landing pages * setting up Google Analytics


We helped PPSC build visibility in organic search results by building out content on the site to help position PPSC as the destination for community based saving plans or padna schemes.

Tactically, we used a mix of link-building techniques to help PPSC rank higher for relevant keywords for their category, and leveraged social media and email marketing to connect with new users who had a high likelihood of being interested in PPSC ‘padna’ or community savings plan services.