Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have an influence over the things other people buy. This market influence typically stems from an individual’s expertise, popularity, or reputation. Influence can come from a wide range of places. For example, celebrities are often used to market products because they are highly respected and highly visible. When a celebrity uses a product, the maker of that product gets exposure and the respect that comes from a celebrity endorsement.

Bloggers have become important influencers because they are seen as authentic and have loyal followings. When a blogger recommends a product it seems more trustworthy than traditional advertising. By using influencers, companies can avoid much of the cynicism and scepticism that is directed at straight forward marketing messages.

Bloggers have a distinct advantage when it comes to spreading your brands message. They have direct access to your target market and can influence purchasing decisions through their word-of-mouth marketing. Research from BlogHer has shown that 81% of the online population trusts information and advice they get from bloggers and that 61% have made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation.

A blogger outreach campaign is a great way for small businesses to introduce influential bloggers to their brand. And because bloggers are active on a variety of digital channels to promote their own blog and their partners’, they’re the perfect influencers as social awareness of your brand is also amplified. To make the most of your blogger relationships, grab their attention by making a conscious effort to be respectful and personalise your outreach.

At ELC Associates we understand the power of bloggers, having worked hard over the years to build links and mutual relationships with them.