Boost your student intake with our step by step Facebook Ads training course

 If you’re a college, school or training provider and not sure about how to use Facebook Ads
to recruit studentsand grow your business then you need to enrol on our Facebook Ads course. You’ll learn
step by step,  the skills, strategies and techniqes required to find, engage and recruit motivated students.
Additionally Facebook Ads currently cost about 80% less per click than Google Adwords.

Unlike Google Adwords, you can tell Facebook what you want your advert to achieve. This means
you can set your objective to be driving traffic to your website, encouraging visitors to take a virtual tour,
generating likes and comments etc. Facebook is the most prevalent social media tool in education and is used
by prospective students, parents, current student alike, making it a must have marketing tool.

Learn powerful Facebook skills and recruit more students to your school or college 

Course Outcomes Include

Discover how to generate huge web traffic with Facebook Ads

Discover how to use powerful Facebook Ads campaign to drive traffic to your website, increase likes, fans, and engagement or boost blog posts. Learn to create shareable content, offers, contests or exclusive content that will generate and nurture leads to student enrolment.

Learn to turn browsers into motivated and engaged students

Facebook Ads offers schools and colleges the opportunity to augment their organic marketing activities with paid search. Target people that are specifically looking for your courses and training provided by your establishment and craft engaging high converting Ads that touch on their needs and educational desires turning them from browsers to motivated students.

Improve Ad performance with strategic bidding techniques

At the end of this practical, hands-on course you will have the skills to develop and implement a successful Facebook Ad campaign. You will also possess the knowledge to make the strategic ad bidding, management and performance decisions to maximise ROI and excel at Facebook Advertising.

The Selling With Facebook Ads course was extremely helpful. In a very short time I almost doubled my page likes and sales enquiries have gone up too. The response has been fantastic. I definitely plan to implement all the other strategies I was taught.

D. Samuel