Press Release Creation (Charity & SMEs)

Whether you’re a charity or small business keeping your organisation’s press releases in the journalists inbox and out of the trash bin requires a little strategic thought, planning and understanding. ELC has build strong relationships with journalists from different sectors as well as with social influencers and bloggers. This means we use our extensive contact list and eye for a good story to get you coverage about your product, services, charity campaign, upcoming event or any newsworthy story to promote your cause.  We don’t have retainers or fixed fee for each press release, we just invoice you for time spent. Call us TODAY for typical cost of a press release. We can also help organise online reviews, product placement opportunities and media interviews.  See our marketing and PR case studies.

Marketing and PR Campaigns

ELC Associates can help devise, implement and manage creative marketing, promotional and PR campaigns across social media, digital and print platforms designed to achieve your charity or businesses objectives. This will include managing various aspects of your external communications, including introducing your organisation to new audiences or markets, organising events that create a more engaged ‘supporter’ or ‘business’ network and developing strategies to increase donations or awareness or to drive more leads and sales.  Need help in creating a marketing or PR campaign for your business or charity? Click here to tell us the details.

Online Press Room Service

What happens when a journalist comes to your web site and tries to find information? Can they easily find what they need or instead, do they click off, and visit one of your competitors to get the info they need An online newsroom or pressroom/media center) is a web page or section that contains distributable information about your charity or business. ELC can help you create press rooms that seamlessly embedded in your website press releases, photos, videos, infographics, case studies, white papers and other marketing materials that helps journalists, bloggers etc to tell you story quickly and efficiently. Need help in creating an online press room for your business or charity? Click here to tell us about your needs.

Thought Leadership PR

For over ten years ELC has helped charities and businesses turn their expertise and experience into recognition, and revenue. We do this through writing blogs and features with answers to the questions that’s on the minds or their target audiences in well received publications and blogs. We also look for guest blogging opportunities, source speaking opportunities and organise media briefings at events and exhibitions.

We help our clients to be the authority in their relevant fields by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of their target audience. We do this through writing features and by-lines on key topics, sourcing speaker opportunities and organising media briefings at trade shows and events. Need help in creating a Thought Leadership Strategy for your business or charity? Click here to tell us the details.

Digital PR Workshops

Below are our range of digital PR and content marketing courses for both charities and SMEs.

Digital PR Workshop For Charities: Charity Comms Training (Intro)
At the end of this half day intro course delegates will be able to plan and implement their own digital PR strategy on the PESO PR model. They will also learn how create an electronic press kit and press releases that t gets the attention of the media. Click here for more details.

Charity PR Strategy and Content Marketing (Advanced Training)
At the end of this workshop delegates will be able develop their own charity PR strategy that will enable them to organise their charity’s PR campaigns and awareness and events activities. The course will delve deeper into how PESO and content marketing can be used at all levels of your supporter’s journey from awareness  to donations or for volunteer and ambassador recruitment. Click here for more details.

Generating Sales and Profits through Content Marketing
Content marketing and sales are two of the most important strategies for success—but too many businesses think of them as inherently distinct activiteis. Content marketing is all about publishing content to attract more traffic, while sales is about landing more deals. For your business to GENERATE GREATER SALES AND PROFITS you must COMBINE these two functions. This training course explains how to achieve this successfully. Click here for full details.