When you hear or read the word “telemarketing”, the last thing that you will do is to associate this with a charitable endeavour or project. However, since many charitable and non-profit organisations are having a hard time raising funds for their worthwhile projects intended to help the poor or needy, these groups have also chosen to get help with getting the money they need by working with telemarketers.

Telemarketing though still has a bad reputation today and as such, although it will be used for a totally meaningful purpose, such as raising funds for a charitable institution, this option or strategy might not help you reach your goals. The main reasons behind this is because there are potential donors who feel that telemarketing goals are disturbing and are put off by these immediately.

Another reason is even if the person pledges to contribute a certain amount during the call, he or she may still not deliver. Studies show that about 20% of people making pledges via a phone call will not pay them.

There are ways for you to ensure the success of a non-profit telemarketing campaign though. By following these tips, you can still achieve your goals for your charitable project or organisation:

• Consider hiring a seasoned and qualified telemarketing consultant. Telemarketing today has become so advanced that simply picking up the phone and calling anyone on the phone book and asking him or her for a monetary donation won’t work. With a telemarketing consultant, an effective spiel can be designed, which will be used in the round of calls. You also have the option of getting the consultant’s team to do the telemarketing campaign or have him or her train you and your staff to carry out this job. Either way, you can get an assurance that the whole project will be handled and carried out professionally and not to the detriment of your organisation.

• Make sure the telemarketing script or spiel is well-thought out and carefully worded. The last thing you want to happen is potential donors doubting your intentions. As such, the script should really be honest, straight to the point yet written well to erase the doubts of the possible donors and instead, encourage them to contribute.

• Come up with a good plan on how you can achieve your target goals. Aside from preparing a script, you need to develop a plan as well for this telemarketing campaign. It should include a timetable, the roles of all the people involved and backup plans, just in case this strategy does not work out for you.

• Finally, keep in mind that the most successful telemarketing campaigns also make use of advertising and direct mail appeals. As such, don’t rely on telemarketing alone. Trusted telemarketing consultants say that to make sure that your potential donors deliver, send thank-you notes out quickly with a stamped return envelope. Immediate follow-up is crucial if you expect to collect the money people have pledged during your telemarketing campaign.

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