Project Description


Hair & Scalp Clinic (Web Design, PR)


ELC Asssociates


Web Design, Marketing & PR


July 2015

Project Details

About The Hair and Scalp Clinic

The Hair and Scalp Clinic offers an ethical, fully qualified service.  Its trichologists are registered with The Institute of Trichologists, which was founded in 1902.  This is the only recognised professional body with a code of ethics to protect the patient.  The Institute of Trichology is the authority on the subject of scalp and hair disease and has a worldwide membership.


We were commissioned to design a new visual identity, house style and website.  Additionally ELC were to devise and implement a business development and social media marketing strategy to drive the business forward.

Visual Identity: 
After an assessment of the current identity, and researching what was currently trending, it was decided to keep some of the elements of the current logo and focus on giving it a more contemporary look and feel. We experimented with a variety of colour palettes before arriving at the combination that reflected the ethos of the business.

Website Development:
We ensured that the new website:

  • conveyed the Hair and Scalp Clinic’s expertise’
  • appealed to wide range of customers
  • spoke with a voice of authority
  • showcased the Clinic’s work through a series of case studies
  • presented technical information with clarity

SEO and Social Media Strategy:
A social media marketing strategy was designed to increase brand awareness, engagement and web traffic on a variety of social platforms in particular Facebook and Twitter.  The activities conducted included * keyword research, on and off page SEO * content marketing creation * guest blogging * creation of landing pages * Google Analytics

Facebook Marketing Strategy
Facebook groups have more than a billion monthly active users. Our strategy therefore was to join relevant groups. And post regularly adverts, educational and entertaining articles and video as a way of building authority and brand awareness within its niche market.


Hair and Scalp clinic has been featured in the Voice Newspaper (UK’s leading newspaper for the Black Community), the BBC, trade magazines, cultural publications. Online coverage with many leading Afro-Caribbean hair bloggers and stylists as well as several radio stations.

Our specialist Facebook marketing and promotions campaign reaches over 200,000 users averagely on a weekly basis, helping the website to build a healthy and increasing fan base on Facebook and Twitter. The number of visitors to the website has increased by 150% with a 85% rise in unique users.