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Dynamyk Yoga


ELC Asssociates


Web Design


July 2018

Project Details

About Dynamyk Yoga

Dynamyk Yoga is a collection of videos for beginners to the skilled practitioner that visually demonstrate and verbally explain the basic Yoga postures to help those at the start of their Yoga journey get to grips with some of the key principles – from Yogic breathing to Tree Pose to Sun Salutes – all the basics are covered. The site will also be useful to more experienced Yogis looking to get more out of their practise.
The challenge was to build a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but has to be easy to navigate and make purchases from. The site also had to incorporate a number of novel and complex development features such as time limited and private videos.

Decreased load time – of images and etc
We focused on decreasing the load time by minifying the images, customising Javascript and CSS, and other wordpress developmental tecniques. As images and videos were the main content on the website there was a lot of work to do for decreasing the load time.
Another part of the solution was to make the website responsive. As the users use different devices ranging from mobiles to laptops we had to ensure that the website loaded and works effectively on all those devices without any sort of lag. We implemented special strategies to make the website responsive.
The Result
The website we designed not only helped the client showcase their range of videos but also to help them drive more traffic to the website.
This was made possible by making the website mobile-friendly along and making the purchasing process as simple as possible. The website loads fast and is designed in an effective way that it gains visitors’ attention at the first glance.

Along with displaying their wide range of videos, the content management easiness ensured that the client could manage the updating of their site painless and effortlessly
website will definitely bring a lot of success to his business. The client is more than happy and satisfied with the final design of the website.

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