Project Description


Destiny Builders


ELC Asssociates


Web Design


July 2018

Project Details

About Destiny Builders
Destiny Builders has a mission to help others achieve their potential through Sponsored Education, Lifelong skills and Small Business initiatives. Our purposeful goal is to help empower tomorrow’s generation.

In the last 21 years, Destiny Builders has contributed immensely to the education – primary, secondary, vocational and university of young Rwandans, we have also brought joy, transformation, sustenance to communities in Rwanda and Uganda. Destiny Builders has made a significant difference and we would like you to join us to be part of this wonderful story.

Benefits of Landing Pages for Charities
Landing pages are one of the most versatile tools in a charity’s marketing toolbox. Unlike it’s website, which needs to communicate a large amount of information and appeal to a broad spectrum of visitors, landing pages are perfect for creating bespoke, targeted pieces of communication that will inspire current or potential supporters to take a particular action.

Online donations are on the rise – but to maximise completion rates you need to make the process quick and simple. Charities can use landing pages to place a well-designed donation form that requires minimal effort and is easy to understand.
Design brief and outcome
We ensured through our discussions with the project manager that the resulting landing page met these satisfactory criteria:

– That the landing page had a prominent headline that would be first in the visual hierarchy
– The paragraph about the organisations mission was right underneath to explain what the page is about.
– A large background images of smiling children worked well as an attention-grabbers
– Keeping the copy on the left hand side of the screen as this has been shown to get more attention.
– Ensured that the site was mobile responsive as mobile phone traffic (smartphones + tablets) formed about 55% of the sites total traffic.

The client was extremely pleased with the resulting landing page has proved to be great success in increasing donations and support for their cause.