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Amani Training (Marketing, Printing)


ELC Asssociates


Web Design, Marketing & PR


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About Amani Training

Amani Training is one of South London leading training providers.  It provides apprenticeships and a range of bespoke staff training that will equip employees with the sustainable skills they need to help to improve their job prospects, motivation and give the business a competitive advantage.


We were tasked with increasing Amani’s share of the apprenticeship and bespoke NVQ training. The work based learning sector is highly competitive, with a large number of players vying for a limited pool of trainees to provide a range of training programmes for. Our marketing strategy revolved around a combination of direct, social media and email marketing.

Direct and Email Marketing:
We created awareness of the Amani’s brand amongst its core market of 16-20 year olds through distribution of 10,000 leaflets throughout Croydon and selected areas of South East London. We also conducted a telemarketing campaign of local employees with the aim of increasing the uptake of apprenticeships.

Social Media Marketing:
Devised a content marketing strategy which consisted of blogging and sharing content of interest via relevant Facebook groups. We also increased Amani’s brand awareness on LinkedIn and Twitter through posts and comments on relevant groups and lists.  We also conducted a PPC campaign on Facebook targetted at Amani’s core market.


The telemarketing campaign was a great success. We set up appointments with over a hundred care homes, nurseries and other businesses. We engaged with over 300 training managers through our email newsletters campaigns. The PPC campaign also generated over 400 website enquiries over the duration of the programme. All of this activity resulted in over 50 placements of apprentices places with local employees.