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Performance PR and Marketing (PPM)

PPM plans are most suitable for small and medium business, especially start-ups which operate on limited advertising budgets, because they’ll only need to pay for good results.

With total commitment to every client, ELC shares the risk as well as the accountability of each and every marketing strategy it proposes to the client. The benefits of these strategies are enjoyed by the client while they have the freedom to choose from an extensive array of digital marketing and PR services on offer.

Investing our own time and finance into the marketing budget of the campaign helps to increase the level of trust on both sides as well as offsetting the financial risk that the client is taking on. This mutual understanding of that risk make the working relationship more open, creative which leads to better qualified leads and greater brand awareness or revenue.

The metrics we use in on our PESO (Paid, Earned, and Shared & Owned) model of PPM include:

  • Landing pages and A/B testing
  • Social media marketing ad conversions
  • Email Sign Ups
  • Increased web traffic
  • New Audiences
  • Media, blogger and influencer outreach and scoring
  • Social media shares and comments
  • Community Engagement
  • Increased sales and revenue

Given the ever-changing digital marketing and PR landscape, ELC believes that transitioning to a performance-based marketing model is an effective model that benefits both clients and marketing agency.

About ELC Associates

Our mission at ELC Associates is to creatively deliver the vision of our clients. Whether it’s building a website, implementing a social media campaign or sales strategy or training your staff, we will always look for the best and most creative way of doing so, that makes you stand out from the crowd.
Is to lead and not follow. ELC Associates are not just professional marketeers and trainers, we’re also passionate about the creative journey we take with our clients to arrive at their desired solutions. Creativity and real life solutions are at the heart of what we do.
With a brand promise of real life marketing that brings results, ELC Associates measures its success by the results we achieve for your business. A highly experienced team of digital marketeers and training associates work in partnership with you to achieve your goals, be it sales or increased brand awareness.


“After reviewing several sales and marketing companies we chose to work with ELC Associates. This was because they had a record of being results driven and focused. Glad to say our decision paid off. Our 12 month sales and marketing targets were hit in the initial 6 months of working with them.”
“After just 3 months of working with ELC Associates we made more progress than our marketing agency had in 8 months. The time and effort they put in promoting and increasing brand awareness of our products exceeded our expectations. I want to thank Ade and all his team for their sterling efforts and look forward to working with them on our next campaign.”
“I would without question recommend ELC Associates to anyone looking for a quality graphic design and print service. Not only did they go the extra mile with their creativity they also managed to save us money on the printing. Creativity and money saved, what can I say.”