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7 Revenue Increasing PR Trends Every Charity Should Know

We all know of Comic Relief, BBC Telethon, London marathon and other big block buster charity fundraising events. These raise millions for worthy causes around the world. However for the

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Want to sell to large retailers? Then ask yourself these questions?

Do you know that the top 50 retailers in the UK turnover £217 billion in the year 2104/5? That is a staggering amount of sales. And you the small retailers

Online Tips for Getting More Supporters for Your Cause

The first thing you need to do to successfully recruit supporters, donors or volunteers online is to build a persona of your target audiences. A persona is a “fictional character that communicates the primary characteristics of a group of users, identified and selected as a key target through use of segmentation data”. 

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Driving Sales With Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Ads are the best ever strategy for any business marketing. It is through adverts that we learn of new and trending things and where business owners get to open up to the world. Think of a world without advert, how would it be?

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6 No Brainer Reasons Businesses Must Use Landing Pages

Most businesses today have an online presence, regardless of the type of service or product they offer.  Everyone wants to be found in those vital search engine results, whether to sell

Why Qualifying is Crucial to Sales Success

If you have ever been in sales, or have some of knowledge about the targets that most teams have to meet on a yearly basis, then you can relate to the desperation that may sometimes cloud reason.  A salesman may want to believe that the more times they pitch to potential clients, the higher their chances of closing a sale.

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Running a Business – Expert Insights

Let's be honest, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question.  What someone going into an aircraft business needs to know, is entirely different to what someone

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How to Tell a Lead from a Prospect

When you get into sales, you will need to differentiate the customers you interact with according to the stage you have reached in making a deal with them.  This is important because you will often be required to make reports, and it is important that the right terms are used to differentiate the sales numbers.

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Charity’s Message Not Resonating?

Creative story telling and engaging communication are what charities need to do if they want to effective in their fundraising message. They need to create messages that ignite that spark in a potential supporter that will lead them to taken action on behalf of your cause.  Tom Latchford from RAISING IT boiled down the supporters journey and explains how an understanding of the charity’s message is crucial for getting support.

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Is your business franchisable?

From gyms to cleaning, from fast food to accounting services, franchises are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes.  In fact the franchise industry turns over £13.7 billion in revenue and there are over 39,000 franchisee outlets in the UK alone (Franchise statistics UK – 2013 bfa franchise report). 

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