When you are running your own small business, one of the hardest things to accomplish is an effective marketing campaign. Marketing is vital for small businesses trying to get their name out there and is essential for attracting new, valuable customers to your business. Even if you have the best product or service in the world, your business will never take off if nobody knows about it. It isn’t always easy to attract customers and supporters for your cause, but these 5 easy marketing hacks are a great place to start:

  1. Write in-depth articles


It is no secret that having a blog on your website helps to attract customers. Posting regular new content that is engaging and relevant to your industry will not only be loved by your potential clients but also by search engines such as Google. The more in-depth articles you include on your website, the better you will rank online and the more visitors your website will get. It is important that the articles are ‘in-depth’, which means carefully considering every aspect of a subject and including all the key details. Generally, an in-depth article will be heavily researched and over 2000 words. Articles over this word count tend to rank very well on Google, as the search engine considers long, in-depth articles to be more useful and relevant for the viewer. Posting one article on your website is not enough to get noticed, but if you come up with a content plan and post regularly your site visits are sure to start increasing. 

  1. Craft clickable and shareable headlines


When it comes to content marketing, the headlines you choose are just as important as the content itself. Your headlines need to be powerful, memorable and to the point; they are the first impression a potential customer has of your business and the article itself. If your headlines are bland and boring, not only will users click away before reading your post, they won’t share or engage with the article. Headlines need to grab the reader and excite them to read on, you have on average 8 seconds to get a reader’s attention before they move on. Make your headlines enticing by adding a sense of mystery to encourage potential customers to continue reading. 

  1. Leverage video marketing


The world has moved away from photos and copy and moved into a video-centric market. Video content is effortless and quick to digest, so it is no surprise that it has increased in popularity in the marketing world in recent years. The growing trend shows no sign of stopping and it is likely to continue to grow as technology advances rapidly. It is now essential that small businesses utilise video content in their marketing strategies and putting it off could result in your business getting left behind. Keep video content short and sweet, focus on an easy to digest message and a simple call to action that is clear for the viewer to understand. 

  1. Spread the word with influencer marketing


Everyone loves a recommendation from someone who has used a product or service before. Having a recommendation or review provides a sense of trust and value that you can’t recreate elsewhere. One of the best marketing hacks around today is influencer marketing to gain the trust of potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Enlist the help of well-known influencers to promote your business to their thousands of followers and watch the customers flock in.

Always choose an influencer that has a large following that fits with your target market; influencer marketing works so well because your business is being endorsed by someone that your target market recognises. Instagram and YouTube are popular platforms for influencer marketing. Keep an eye out for any influencers your competitors have enlisted to track down influencers that are effective and relevant to your target market. 

  1. Link to webinars directly within content


When it comes to lead generation and marketing hacks, webinars are a great resource to utilise. Webinars are a powerful tool that can be used to attract more customers and supporters easily and organically. Firstly, it is vital to make sure your webinars are clear, concise and well-designed before you begin to promote them online.

Once you have a great webinar that is sure to impress potential customers, promote it in every article, email and video communication you make. This hack is such an easy one to complete and is often overlooked by many small businesses, however the potential reach of a good webinar is massive, and they will have a great impact on your lead generation.

With these 5 easy marketing hacks at your fingertips, your business is sure to start attracting more customers and supporters in no time. Content marketing is a great weapon when it comes to generating more business leads and making the most of the above hacks will really help your small business to boom.

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