By Caryn Stein

We share some examples of nonprofits who are getting it right and really converting visitors to donors. These are great non-profit examples because they focus on getting their message across quickly and clearly, while offering clear paths for donations and further engagement.

Remember: having a great non-profit website isn’t about the flashiest design or the most cutting-edge technology, it’s about whether or not you can immediately communicate your message to a visitor and inspire them to act.

What all these sites share that makes them stand out from the many charity websites out there are their beautiful graphic designs with great attention to detail on all elements be it typography, buttons, images, navigation menu etc. They also use very strong and clear photographs that immediately tell a compelling story of the charity and its cause.

Many of them include easy to use donation forms, which is crucial if you are trying to receive money from people. You should try and make it as easy and painless as possible otherwise, people tend to just switch “off”. Some of the sites have also included on the homepage where the donations have gone as this helps new and potential donors see how their money will be spent.

These examples all include:

Clear navigation and calls to action

Prominent donation button

Compelling image of a person or animal impacted by the organization’s work

Easy ways to engage visitors with email and social media

By Caryn Stein
Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good

Photo Credit: rakugo via Compfight cc